About the bursting of tempered glass

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About the bursting of tempered glass

In the current commercial greenhouse model, the glass used on the top of the greenhouse is basically tempered glass. However, in recent years, we have heard feedback from some customers that the tempered glass installed on the top of the greenhouse will explode. However, according to our statistics, the proportion of greenhouses with self-explosion is extremely small, and most greenhouses do not have such a situation.


For the exploration of this part of the data, we concluded that the self-explosion is not a quality problem of tempered glass, but a problem occurred during the installation of greenhouse glass.


Then we need to analyze under what circumstances tempered glass will explode. Before the analysis, we can first understand the tempering principle of tempered glass.


Tempered glass is a physical phenomenon that changes the internal stress of the glass. By changing the internal state of the glass, the internal stress after impact can offset a certain amount of external force to reduce the possibility of breakage. Even if it is broken due to excessive impact force, the broken part is a rounded blunt angle, which will not cause the risk of secondary scratches.


What are the reasons for the self-explosion of tempered glass?


Tempered glass explodes due to the phase change of nickel sulfide crystals inside the tempered glass, which expands in volume, causing stress imbalance inside the tempered glass. Self-explosion is an inherent characteristic of tempered glass, and semi-tempered glass does not explode.


The probability of tempered glass exploding is related to factors such as glass size, thickness, changes in external temperature, extrusion, and large local stress.


After understanding the reasons for the self-explosion of tempered glass in greenhouses, let's look back at which greenhouses have self-explosion.


Since the glass and the greenhouse frame are in direct soft contact, there is a laminated treatment in the middle, and soft rubber strips are used for connection and sealing. It can ensure the hard contact between the glass and the greenhouse frame. And the use of rubber strips can well maintain the sealing of the greenhouse.


Most of the reasons for tempered glass self-explosion in summer are due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the profile, which causes the glass to be squeezed and causes the tempered glass to explode. Especially the greenhouse designed to connect the greenhouse glass and the profile with glue.



The above is the phenomenon of tempered glass self-explosion in the greenhouse.


The tempered glass used in the greenhouse is 4mm ultra-white pear tempered diffused glass. The self-explosion rate is generally maintained at 0.2%, and the number of particles after self-explosion is greater than 60 particles/5cm2.


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