Advantages of diffused glass in greenhouses

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Advantages of diffused glass in greenhouses

Glass has long been used as the main lighting material in greenhouses due to its high light transmittance and long life. Compared with other lighting materials, glass is expensive and has poor thermal insulation properties. Although glass has high light transmittance, most of the light passes directly through the glass, with only a small amount of diffuse light. As a result, glass greenhouses have better lighting than most other glass options, with even light on sunny days due to the structure and overhead obstructions (heat pipes, hanging baskets, etc.) creating noticeable shadows on the crops below The distribution is very poor.


Todays diffused glass is usually low-iron patterned glass that diffuses sunlight. The challenge is preventing dust from accumulating without scratching the glass. Anti-reflection coatings were developed to increase light transmittance again and keep the glass surface clean.


So compared with transparent glass, diffused glass can:


Improve the uniformity of the greenhouse climate, especially temperature and light conditions, and increase the fruit yield of crops such as colorful peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, usually by about five to ten percent, increase flowering and shorten production time.


Diffuse glass is more expensive than ordinary clear glass, but its advantages are definitely worth the money; a Dutch scholar recently stated that 90% of greenhouses in the Netherlands (many of which are vegetable crops) use diffuse glass. It is enough to prove the great role of diffuse glass in greenhouses.


Diffuse glass is a glass material widely used in the Netherlands. In addition, in many areas with northern latitudes (Amsterdam is 52° north latitude; in comparison, Calgary, Canada is 51° north latitude), large-scale production of high-light crops such as tomatoes and roses, their winter Relatively mild and typically produced year-round.


The benefits of diffused glass are more apparent in sunny areas, where clouds have scattered daylight. For tall crops or crops with dense cover. Highline crops like tomatoes and peppers are especially profitable because large volumes of light crops reach the deeper leaves of tall tree canopies. In the United States, growers should weigh the benefits of fine glass against its value, considering their location, production cycle and fully grown crop species.


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